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  • Chemistry is All Papery and Bound

    Hurrah! Chemistry is finally out in paperback. I hope it’s worth the wait. You can find it right now at Createspace, and it should be up at other vendors soon. I’ll keep updating its page as I learn more. To celebrate, there’s going to be a Goodreads Giveaway and possibly more. So don’t be too…

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  • Fairy Tale Fortnight 2014

    I’m excited to announce that I will, once again, be participating in Fairy Tale Fortnight, a modern-take-on-folklore/fairy-tale-retelling/super-awesome-funtime extravaganza hosted by The Book Rat and A Backwards Story. There will be so many reviews, guest posts, interviews, excerpts, and GIVEAWAYS between April 20th and May 3rd. You should most definitely check it out.

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  • New Artwork for Titan Magic

    I recently received proofs for Titan Magic and Titan Magic: Body and Soul—complete with new chapter headers and matte finish—and I wanted to share them with you. Titan Magic’s cover beside Titan Magic: Body and Soul’s interior: Titan Magic: Body and Soul’s cover beside Titan Magic’s interior: The new artwork was all done by the…

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  • December Sale for Titan Magic

    In celebration of the impending publication of Titan Magic: Body and Soul, the price of Titan Magic (the ebook) will be dropped to 99¢ at Amazon and Kobo for the rest of December. So if you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to get it, now’s the time. And if you enjoy the…

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  • Pontypool Changes Just Enough

    I’ve been wanting to write a post about Pontypool for some time now, and I’ve put it off because a) I’ll never do the damn thing justice with my ramblings and b) procrastination FTW! But it’s time I at least brought it to the attention of everyone I know who loves zombies because, seriously, you…

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